Rear-facing also for big children

The HERO-XL impresses with its ability to transport larger children in a rear-facing mode. This is usually the safest and most optimal position for children with limited trunk and head control.

Autokindersitz HERO für behinderte Kinder

5-point chest-shoulder with quick-release fastener

Dynamic headrest and side impact protection

Installation via belt system

Homologated according ECE R129-03

As individual as your child

HERNIK offers various accessories to customise the HERO-XL even better to the needs of your child. For example, the car seat can be fitted with an abduction block, a seat depth adapter and a security tray. Children with weak trunk control usually have a need for a firm, stable support. The aluminium trunk supports make this possible. They are completely flexible in width and height to the child’s body. Unavoidable forces during acceleration, braking and cornering are absorbed so that your child feels safe and secure.

Installation using a belt system

The HERO-XL does not require an ISOFIX connection and is secured in the vehicle using belts, which enables rearward travel up to 125 cm and 36 kg. It can therefore be installed in almost any vehicle. The HERO-XL is the only rear-facing rehab car seat to date with full European approval in accordance with R129 (approval number: E4-08025600)

Clear safety

The integrated 5-point harness secures your child and ensures maximum safety in the event of an accident. It is very easy to operate using a quick-release fastener.The height of the dynamic headrest can be infinitely adjusted with a quick-release fastener and thus individually adapted to the size of your child. The side impact protection increases safety in the event of a side impact and is fitted on the side facing the vehicle door, leaving more space in the interior.

Technical details

Seat width (pelvis)24 cm
Seat width (knee)27 cm
Seat depth25 - 34 cm
Back height28 - 45 cm
Crown height48 - 68 cm
Distance laterals 13 - 20 cm
Total height65 - 82 cm
Total width43 cm
Total depth55 cm
Capacity 36 kg

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