The HERO-NXT can be used both, in and against the direction of travel. In addition, the seat angle can be changed

Autokindersitz HERO für behinderte Kinder

5-point chest-shoulder with quick-release fastener

360° rotatable

adjustable seat angle

Homologated according ECE R129-03

The HERO-NXT is a Britax Römer car seat modified for the disabled. It is suitable for most vehicles and can be easily attached with ISOFIX.

The car seat is equipped with a 5-point harness that adequately secures your child. The quick-release buckle allows for a comfortable and fast transfer. An additional fastening via the 3-point belt is not necessary.

The child car seat can be used both in and against the direction of travel. For children under 15 months, the HERO-NXT should be used facing against the direction of travel due to the still weak neck muscles. This direction of travel is possible for children up to 18 kg body weight. From a body weight of 9 kg, however, the seat can also be used in the direction of travel.

The inner pad developed by HERNIK ensures optimal positioning, especially for small children, and can be supplemented with an abduction block and thorax pads if necessary. The thorax pads can be positioned individually.

To support children with limited upper body control, the seat angle can be adjusted. This makes it possible to switch between an active and a passive position.

Getting in and out of the seat usually requires a lot of effort from parents whose children are hypotonic. Therefore, the HERO NXT can be swivelled by 90°, so that transferring in and out of the car is much easier.

ATTENTION! An ISOFIX connection in the vehicle is mandatory!

Technical details

seat width (pelvis)21 cm25 cm
seat width (knees)28 cm27 cm
seat depth25 cm28 cm
back height21 (24) - 34 cm27 - 35 cm
crown height41 - 53 cm44 - 52 cm
breats width (side supports)12 - 21 cm 12 - 21 cm
total height66 - 73 cm60 cm (without stand)
total width43 cm 44 cm
total depth63 cm 63 cm
capacityup to 18 kg

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