The IPAI-LGT is characterised by its low weight and already comes with a lot in the basic equipment, to compensate for deficits of special children.

Autokindersitz für behinderte Kinder IPAI LGT

5-point chest-shoulder belt with quick-release fastener

integrated ISOFIX adapter

low weight

a lot of basic equipment

The IPAI-LGT is a Britax Römer car seat modified for the disabled. It is suitable for most vehicles and can be used on the passenger or rear seat. The seat can be easily fixed with the ISOFIX adapter, but must also be secured with the 3-point belt.

The IPAI-LGT is always equipped with ISOFIX, thorax pads and a 5-point harness, which is padded at the shoulders. Another large, stable pad is located between the harness buckle and the child’s pelvis. This guarantees a firm hold.

By means of a central handle at the front, the depth of the ISOFIX adapter can be adjusted with a flick of the wrist. This allows the seat surface to be pulled forward if necessary, opening up the back angle so that a resting position can be quickly adopted. If the IPAI-LGT is frequently used in different vehicles, the ISOFIX is an optimal way to install the seat quickly and safely – when it is not needed, it disappears invisibly into the seat unit!

HERNIK offers various accessories to allow individual adaptations, such as an abduction block, a seat angle adjustment or a security tray. The latter is particularly helpful for children with poor trunk control. The support pad supports the arms, giving the upper body more stability.

Any accessories can also be retrofitted in a few moments.

Technical details

seat width (pelvis)31 cm
seat width (knees)34 cm
seat depth32 cm
back height38 - 58 cm
crown height59 - 79 cm
height laterals20 - 33 cm
distance laterals14 - 28 cm
back angle85° - 120°
total height67 - 85 cm
total width48 cm
total depth39 cm
weight7 kg
capacity36 kg

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