The KIDSFLEX is available in 3 sizes and can even support loads of up to 75 kg. For very special needs, the KIDSFLEX can also be made in special sizes.

REHA Autositz KIDSFLEX für Erwachsene

5-point chest-shoulder belt with quick-release fastener

adjustable back angle

infinitely adjustable headrest

a lot of innovative accessories

The KIDSFLEX rehab car seat was designed as a restraint system for physically and/or mentally disabled children in a car. It is suitable for most vehicles and is used in the rear seat of the passenger car. The seat can be placed behind the front passenger or – by converting the belt guide – behind the driver’s seat. It can be fixed with an ISOFIX adapter or clamp bow but must also be secured using the 3-point belt.

The KIDSFLEX is equipped with its own 5-point chest-shoulder belt, which provides additional support for your child.

The KIDSFLEX is offered in 3 different sizes. However, if you have special requirements, we are also happy to offer you a customised solution! In this case, every dimension can be individually changed.

The angle-adjustable backrest allows the seat to be adapted exactly to the car seat or the needs of the child. Both the seat depth and the belt guide can be changed, allowing for optimal adjustment of the car seat even as the child grows.

A very popular feature is the innovative swivel adapter, which makes transferring the increasingly heavy child much easier.

The part of the body that travels the greatest distance in an accident is the head. For this reason, the “Kick-Back” headrest was developed, which optimally absorbs the kinetic energy of the head through patented predetermined bending points, thus avoiding dangerous injuries.

The rehab car seat can be individually equipped with thorax pads, shoulder supports, leg supports, an abduction wedge, various headrests, a footrest, a security pad for the buckle, a security tray as well as a seat tilt adjustment.

ATTENTION! ISOFIX adapters or clamping bows are strongly recommended in case of limited trunk control or spasticity (risk of tipping over)!

Technical details

Size 1Size 2 Size 2XL
total height74 cm 80 cm 90 cm
crown heigth67 cm 73 cm 82 cm
back height37 - 51 cm 41 - 57 cm 47 - 65 cm
seat width31 cm 35 cm 40 cm
seat depth (adjustable)
28 - 33 cm 34 - 39 cm 40 - 46 cm
lateral support height (small)26 - 36 cm 26 - 36 cm 34 - 44 cm
lateral support height (large)
30 - 40 cm 30 - 40 cm 38 - 48 cm
distance of lateral supports16 - 28 cm 19 - 32 cm 24 - 37 cm
weight8,2 kg 8,9 kg 12,3 kg
capacity22 kg 36 kg75 kg

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